GEDI Case Study: Pembina Pipelines

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Energy Transportation &
Midstream Service Provider

Company Size

2,800 Employees


July 2022

Key Outcomes

  • A customized EDI work plan, amplifying and building on Pembina’s existing EDI strategy
  • Clear and achievable workplace EDI goals achieved through policy updates, training and workshops
  • An eager and engaged team ready to elevate, build upon and move their existing EDI strategy forward - becoming industry leaders and trailblazers

Pembina Pipeline Corporation is a leading energy transportation and midstream service provider that has been serving North America’s energy industry for more than 65 years.

When Pembina first reached out to the GEDI Hub, the organization had already made meaningful strides in the development of its EDI strategy by fully committing to diversity, equal opportunity, and fostering a safe and inclusive workplace. With this solid foundation, eagerness, and commitment to EDI, Pembina was eager and keen to continue to learn, grow and elevate its EDI policies and strategies, while balancing the needs of the organization.


Pembina’s Champion, Lionel Migrino, Talent Development Advisor is no stranger to EDI advocacy. Lionel first learned of the GEDI Hub and its services through his volunteer work with Disability Employment Awareness Month and by building and fostering relationships with Gateway Association – GEDI’s parent organization.

He identified areas where Pembina could explore further and learn more about EDI strategy best practices and bridge any existing gaps to build upon the solid EDI foundation Pembina already possesses.

Lionel sought out the GEDI Hub because of his previous volunteer experiences with Gateway Association; knowing that the team possessed the knowledge and expertise to assist Pembina in elevating its next steps and implementation.


Possessing an existing solid and strong EDI strategy statement, with measurable goals and entering the consultation being open-minded, the GEDI Hub immediately identified simple ways to assist in moving Pembina forward in achieving its EDI goals and supporting and amplifying existing strategies.

From initial candid conversations, it was apparent that Pembina was a commitment to improving its capacity to recruit and retain people with disabilities.

Further consultations and conversations revealed an opportunity to build the team’s capacity in accessibility and accommodation, specifically around the talent recruitment process – from initial applications to interview accommodations to on-boarding and beyond.

“The GEDI was great to work with; they connected with us based on commonality and community. They worked to learn our unique needs, and created a customized plan and solution that will allow Pembina to reach its EDI goals.”
Lionel Migrino, Talent Development Advisor

After a conversation-based exchange of ideas, the GEDI Hub assisted Pembina with revising/refining its measurable goals and developing a customized work plan to help achieve them.

After collaboratively working with Pembina’s team to further develop EDI priorities and goals, the GEDI Hub team responded with several strategies including direct assistance in accessibility policy development, consulting, workshop & team training delivery, and brokering connections to diverse talent pipelines.

Lionel remarked that the consultation process was “eye-opening” as even though Pembina was committed and doing the “work”, there were many little nuances to consider that the GEDI Hub was able to address and aid in navigating. Equipped with the tools and momentum gained after working with the GEDI Hub, Pembina is now able to confidently begin implementing the recommendations from the GEDI Hub, move forward and continue to expand its capacity.

With guidance, education and tools from the GEDI Hub, Pembina is now focused on making its talent sourcing process more inclusive, equitable, and diverse, by focusing on addressing barriers and changing policies. This includes promoting accessibility and inclusion at the first touch point with a prospective employee by using people-first language in job postings, alternative qualifications, and offering accommodations during the interview process.

Next Steps

After working with the GEDI Hub, Pembina is well on its way to achieving its measurable EDI goals. The GEDI Hub will continue to provide ongoing support through workshop delivery and continuing education opportunities, Pembina is now on its way to becoming more equitable, inclusive, and diverse and becoming EDI leaders and trailblazers within the pipeline industry and beyond.

Ready to build your workplace's EDI capacity and strategy like Pembina?