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Here you will find fillable templates, toolkits, business cases for workplace EDI, and pre-recorded workshops to assist you as you begin to build your workplace’s EDI strategy.

About Our Resources

Each resource has been developed by experienced workplace EDI consultants, experts, and thought leaders, and in partnership with leading academic professionals in HR/MBA faculties across Canada including the University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, and McMaster University. 


Inclusive HR Toolkit

Toolkit components include:
  • An Employer Action Plan and Inclusive Workplace Policy
  • An Employee Training and Mentorship Plan
  • A Workplace Accommodation Policy and Planning
  • Job Analyses and Job Description Development
  • Performance Evaluation / Stay Interviews 
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Workplace Culture / Employee Engagement Assessment 
  • Employment Legislation Compliance (E.g., Workplace Harassment Policy and Framework)
  • Accessible Canada Legislation Compliance (Policy and Framework)
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Disability, Mental Health February 22, 2022
CASE HR Inclusive Policies 2021
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Disability February 8, 2022

    Mental Health

    Recorded Workshops

    For Workplaces 

    • EDI-101: Sustainable Workforce Strategies
    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Attracting Diverse Talent (Inclusive Recruitment Strategies)
    • Workplace Accommodations – Rights, Responsibilities, and Framework
    • Onboarding and Mentorship
    • Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace Culture
    • Psychological Health and Safety – Employer Responsibilities
    • Any workshops that are one-offs, etc.

    For Service Providers 

    • Employer Engagement Strategies – Creating and Sharing Success Stories
    GEDI-Hub future proof workplace