The GEDI-Hub is here to help!


There are many components to improving workplace EDI. The GEDI-Hub meets workplaces ‘where they’re at’ and helps start – or strengthen – your equity, diversity and inclusion practices.

Workplaces with strong EDI strategies are adaptable, creative, and resilient. Ready to get started? The GEDI-Hub can help.

Many workplaces struggle to source talent from a diverse pool of candidates and are often unsure of where or how to begin their workplace EDI strategy. The GEDI Hub equips workplaces with the knowledge, tools, and coaching to develop inclusive human resource management strategies and practices. Our experienced Diversity and Engagement consultants are here to help navigate and support your workplace’s unique needs. We offer in-person and virtual consultations and can provide custom plans that include EDI information and resources.
In an office setting, a group of people gathers on a bench at the Gateway Equity Diversity Inclusion Hub, striving for equity and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
GEDI-Hub future proof workplace

The GEDI-Hub is proudly funded by the Government of Canada and the services of the GEDI-Hub are offered at no cost to participating workplaces. 

Solutions and supports are customized based on each workplace’s unique needs and may include:
  • Customized EDI Strategy Development 
  • Inclusive Workplace Policy Development
  • Workplace Inclusion Assessment
  • Workplace Culture Assessments
  • EDI training sessions 
  • Workplace Legislation Information

We also facilitate the sourcing of talent from diverse groups such as LGBTQ2S+, youth, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, BIPOC, newcomers, and women.

We can help with introductions and connect workplaces with Service Providers across Alberta. Visit our Alberta Service Providers Directory here for more information.
Through training with the GEDI-Hub, your workplace will:
  • Develop enhanced workplace EDI capacity and skills
  • Gain an increased awareness and direct access to diverse talent sources and organizations
  • Increase HR capacity and skillset
  • Learn the skills to increase workplace resilience
  • Build courage and confidence for introducing EDI strategies in your workplace